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  1. Thanks for the great info on plum wood. It shouldn't "go all squirrely" when cut but I guess you never really know. Right now I have to get new tires for my bandsaw, they decided to give out as soon as I started cutting one of the larger branches of this plum, ebay is a great place for stuff like that. When I get it cut up the only thing I would ask for is the postage and a picture when you are finished. Ultimately, I'm going to be making the Dulcimer for one of my daughters and either the "Merlin" type or a Ukulele for her twin sister. I've made Ukulele's before but it would be
  2. It's a learning curve . . . Well, as long as I have some attention here, I do want to build a Dulcimer but don't know what wood is good, is plum a good option for body/back? . . . I have a 4 foot log thats been seasoning in the garage for 4 years that looks like it will have awesome figure to it.
  3. Hi All, New member, first post. Anyone know where to get plans for a Merlin? Thanks
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