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  1. The finished dulcimer, Dwayne style. Sounds nice too, though it's made for a very young grandchild's first instrument.
  2. Thanks - very helpful. Digging some more I found this FWIW: https://www.bearmeadow.com/build/methods/fretboard/html/fretboard-design.html Should have looked there earlier. A
  3. I'm making a dulcimer from a 1980s plan that shows the fretboard hollowed out and sitting on top of a slot in the soundboard. The fretboard is glued to the soundboard along the whole of the long edges of the fretboard. I've also seen an design used by Bear Meadow shown below. Here the fretboard is cut away on the sides and glued periodically as though it rests on feet. Does anyone know whether the Bear Meadow design also has a slot in the soundboard below the fretboard? And just as important, are there any views on which is the better way in terms of acoustics to fix the fretboard to the soundboard? Thank you!
  4. Thanks - very useful! I'll do some more digging and may get back if I find a dead end.
  5. I occasionally make musical instruments and I'm looking to make a small Appalachian dulcimer to fit a small child. So far I've only managed to find full size plans. Obviously I can scale down a plan for a full size dulcimer, but does anyone know where I can find a full size plan for a soprano/piccolo dulcimer? It would save me some tedious work at the drawing board! Thanks Anthony
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