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  1. Thank you both so much for such detailed information...wow. It’s nice to hear from experts. I’m fairly new to dulcimers and I just loved the look and style of this dulcimer. I’m not hung up on DAD or DAA. I have a small 20” dulcimer made by Keith Young in the 70’s that’s tuned DAD. I will try different tunings and purchase new strings. Any suggestions where to purchase strings and brand? I’m familiar with Folk Craft and The Dulcimer Shoppe. thank you again, Kevin
  2. Hello everyone, I just purchased a vintage tear drop dulcimer and was wondering if I should tune to DAA or DAD. I tried to tune the melody string to D but there was to much tension so I defaulted to DAA. I have a few questions as a beginner☺️ - Do I need to purchase new strings in order to reach a DAD tuning? - The wood pegs tend to slip at times and I loose the tuning. I pushed the pegs inward to bite tight on the peg hole. Any thoughts to keep the pegs tight? Anything used to coat the pegs to keep them tight? Lastly, does anyone know or have met John D. Young the builder? How rare is this instrument? It’s so beautiful... I really love it and the sweet crisp sound. (See photos) Thank you for your assistance. Kevin
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