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  1. I would like to tempt anyone who is thinking of a self-build project but considers the classic shapes to be too difficult to construct, to have a go with the easier option of a rather simple box shape, and to this end offer a few photos of my Number 2 attempt. The sound box is all 5 mm ply from the local DIY shed while the beach finger board was sourced from a wood yard - I bought three as they were sawn from a much larger piece then passed through a planer to be exact in size, square and straight. The ply had several coats of a water based cherry stain then finished with clear wax furniture polish. The frets weren’t too difficult to install with a very ordinary hand saw with a 1mm kerf and, obviously, fret blanks of the same size & I haven’t lost any frets yet. The eyed string ends are secured by cut-down nails in holes allowing the space between the strings to be adjusted as I need. The metal bar across the strings was to earth them if I used an amp, which I don't intend to now. And the volume and tone pots are too close together to allow for any form of ornamental knobs. Sound quality is good, it’s very restful; it has a decent sustain, too. I can well see the value of a rounded bottom end as on mine the hard corner is not too comfy against my hip. But then, I have two more pieces of beach for future necks but in the meantime I have to learn to play it. I've shown you mine now can I see yours? Build-it-yourselfers unite !
  2. Thanks guys. I'm off to the workshop now !!
  3. Ideas wanted for self-construct capo, given limited tools and skill level. Ta muchly !
  4. As it's the Beginners' Area it seems an appropriated place to ask for those who have experienced any on-line tutorials or lessons for their opinions, recommendations, etc. I'm using Brett Ridgeway at the moment and making good progress but I would like to see what else is around. There is, I hear, a modern day syndrome amongst the young called FIMO (fear of missing out); perhaps I'm younger than I thought !!!!
  5. Thanks Noterman - I'll run the risk of going off topic a bit here. We moved to Spain 20 years ago and we're half way between Barcelona and Valencia, far away from resort hotels and golf courses. I'm plugging away at learning the dulcimer, my tutor of choice for the present is Brett Ridgeway's Youtube channel but I'm also searching out tablature for English folk-rock bands - Steeleye Span, Fleetwood Mac but polyphony and a cappella twangs sonorously and is worth a try. I amped my builds only because I wanted to deafen the surrounding countryside with my riffs and trills, but we have no neighbours so nothing's lost. What I find interesting is that there is a plethera of sites dedicated to tabs for the guitar and it seems they get round the copyright issues by saying in effect 'this is my own work, I am not profiting from it, I'm putting it up for educational use'. I suppose it is a lack of demand issue. Am interested in this matter but perhaps it's for another thread?
  6. I had trouble with the acoustic guitar due to arthritis in my left thumb so I built a four string cigar box guitar (you can't get cigar boxes in Europe so I built one) so I could manage the width of the neck and the spacing of the strings. I fretted it guitar style (cromatic) but it was a bit tinny so I built a four string dulcimer - also cromatic. That was OK-ish but didn't sound very good so I built another - just a simple rectangular box type - but with a great deal more care and a slightly larger sound-box and diatonic this time. I am extremely pleased and a little proud with the quality of the sound, the action is just right, all the frets ring true. The piezo pickups I bought on-line aren't too good and I assume need a pre-amp before going into the hi-fi; I think this needs me to know about output watts/amps/things of the pick up and commonality with the amp so I don't think it's worth any effort until I manage my first arena gig. Seriously - if this sets you thinking about messing about making music during Covid lockdown then have a google around for cigar box guitar parts and you'll find tuning machine heads, strings and ideas. A bit difficult though to find tabs for any other than traditional ole folksie songs like Boilin' Cabbages ( 🙂 ) no ofense meant!
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