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  1. Hi, working on the head design, and practicing the joint on scrap wood. I think I will use a bolt to hold the headstock (and tailstock) to the sides as it seems like a good way to assemble, with the bolt acting as a clamp as well. Any opinions about using a threaded insert vs a barrel nut? Seems to me that a barrel nut would cause less stress, and that a threaded insert in end grain, might be less desirable. Craig
  2. Thanks, again, very helpful. I am kind of figuring this out as I go along. My widest point is only 19cm, as have scaled the instrument to the size of our CNC which I plan to cut the frets on. On that note, do you feel that the Stewmac fret calculator is the best? They have a dulcimer option, so I am assuming it is good.
  3. Thanks, and you have anticipated my next question. I was planning to put 3 fine braces in the back, but only one on the top at the waist. Is that reccommended?
  4. Thanks, this is very helpful. I will practice on some scrap first, and let you know what I come up with. Yes, Chet’s book is old, but I have been dragging it around for 45 years, waiting to retire and have time (and patience) for the project. Any newer book recommendations? As I mentioned, I have read (and re-read) Bogdonovich on classical guitar building which is informative and also inspiring because of his perfection. Yes Titebond is available here, and I really like the baby glue bot for this type of work.
  5. Hi, I am new here. Canadian but live in France. I am new to lutherie, but determined to build a dulcimer (after buying Chet Hines book in 1975!) Things are coming along, and I gave looked through a few guitar building books (Bogdonovich was a great help) i have made the sides - bent and laminated with walnut and spruce, and have glued in laminated spruce linings. (Picture attached) i am a bit stuck on how to plan for the joint between the sides and the neck/head. I I have made end blocks - (in the photo), but not sure whether the head should be attached before the end bloc
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