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  1. I bought my replacement strings from Dusty Strings https://manufacturing.dustystrings.com/hammered-dulcimers/strings . Because my HD is a one-off, as in Sam Rizzetta made it before he was affiliated with Dusty Strings, we engaged in a three-way email conversation before we all figured out exactly what I needed. Worked beautifully, and I made notes for future string replacements.
  2. New here, and this seems a great location to introduce myself. I'm Arkay, and I play hammered dulcimer. I was always attracted to the sound, but didn't really know what a hammered dulcimer was, until I happened upon Maggie Sansone playing hers at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in 1987. I followed her around the rest of the day, listening to everything she played. Later that year, I discovered a music store in Tacoma, MD, that sold all kinds of interesting instruments, and one of them was a large Sam Rizzetta-built chromatic HD. I bought it on the spot. Being a percussionis
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