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  1. Making your own dulcimer (either kind) takes some dedication! Did you do some woodworking to that point? I am learning to play both chords and melody in a variety of musical genres on the hammered dulcimer. I also have a mountain dulcimer and am working to bring up my skills on that, too.
  2. Someone with sufficient interest and time could draw excepts from those discussions and arrange them as FAQs (or do something similar).
  3. Just a few times. She had two mountain dulcimers and there was one time we played "Sweet Hour of Prayer" together. At least that's how I like to remember it. She spent a week in the ICU before she died. Every day, I took an MD with me. For some reason, I was stupid and let my fear of being a newbie keep me from playing. Then one morning, I got up the courage to play some songs and then I went to lunch with my family, my brother and his family, and everyone else. She passed while we were at lunch. * * * I do like the way you redid the beginning of WBB!
  4. Well I suppose someone ought to kick off a discussion here. Why not me? So here's a question: How, why, when did you start playing the hammered dulcimer? For me, it goes back to mother, who died a few years ago. In the 1990s, she went to Dollywood and bought a mountain dulcimer. Eventually, she bought a hammered dulcimer. Whenever I visited her house in Michigan, I would see it, though usually under a blanket. (I never understood why, it was just that way.) I never got the chance to play it and I seldom saw her play. On one trip to visit her, however, I went with her to church and she played "Whiskey before breakfast" during the service. But it was a baptist church and the pastor asked her to change the name to "Morning coffee" or something. Obviously, she did not sing the words! At some point, I noticed that she had a Strumstick. I goofed around with it, and she let me take it home. I also tried out her mountain dulcimer a bit, and for my birthday a year or two later, she sent me a mountain dulcimer via UPS. Fast forward a couple years later and she suddenly dies. My sister-in-law and I divide up the musical collection: two mountain dulcimers, two hammered dulcimers. That was in late 2016. Since then, I've done some learning in how to play both instruments. I prefer the hammered dulcimer, as it's easier on my hands to use hammers than to try to find frets on the small space of the fretboard on the mountain dulcimer. I am in Minnesota now, where, unlike Michigan, dulcimer players are scarce.
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