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  1. Thank you, that is very helpful. By, "alongside the 1st fret" I guess you mean as if you were fretting a note at the 1st. I 'm more comfortable with reducing the bridge material than nut. I did have a formula that showed what reduction in nut height achieved a corresponding reduction at the frets for acoustic guitar, but I have not seen one for shorter scale lengths of the dulcimer. Again, your input is much appreciated. Dave T
  2. i've received a dulcimer which is playable, but i feel it may benefit from having the action lowered. I'm familiar with what is desirable on an acoustic guitar, but all I have seen so far on mountain dulcimers is reference to a "dime" of clearance string to fret. I don't have any USA dimes, so maybe a measurement in mm or fraction of inches is available? I do have a set of "feelers" available. it looks like I can pop out the plastic bridge once the strings are off, can I just sand some off the bottom? I'm not sure if the bridge is on an angle to adjust for string gauge, if it is I c
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