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  1. thank you both for the suggestions! Noterman, I am limited in my tools, but I love your window sill idea! And Ken, I like your idea of the slight concave board. While your idea takes a bit more time, I don't mind at all, especially for saving me redoing frets later! Thanks both of you for different but very helpful ideas!
  2. Thank you both! It took me awhile to experiment with just the right amount of stain without obscuring the grain. Also, I would love tips on my next build as to how to make the fingerboard perfectly flat before fretting. In my inexperience I discovered some frets fretting out and a very slight rise in the middle of the fingerboard after assembled. I fixed it now, but if I could save me some trouble next time that would be great!
  3. Here is my latest build, made for my brother who has a cabin in the Carolinas by a river. The fingerboard is padauk and reminds one of the red orange clay soil found there. I tried some different things this time— an hourdrop shape to mimic the irregularity of a winding river, creek stones and birds for sound holes, and a blue wash for the stain to attempt a watery look. This forum has given me great encouragement! Thank you!
  4. I like that green-hued poplar! Will you finish it natural or stain? And I love the bookmatched top and back. I’m working on my 3rd build, trying to use wood I have (Cherry), but I may have a hard time with bookmatching. Do folks ever build tops and backs that are not bookmatching?
  5. Coming in late as I haven’t checked the forum for awhile. That’s just beautiful Greg! The maple grain is stunning! This is a great place to get building tips. I’m working on build #3.
  6. Hi everyone, I really enjoyed building my first dulcimer, a walnut hourglass shaped, as well as all the help I received from this forum doing it! So I went right to a second build, a Cherry teardrop. Still getting the hang of side bending. And cutting the f-holes was a challenge but worth it.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement, Ken! I'm already enjoying learning to play it!
  8. I am just learning to play, but my wife has an all cherry 4 string McSpadden that she got a number of years ago. It is a beautiful instrument. If yours is anything like hers in quality, I’m sure you got a nice instrument!
  9. Hi, everyone, I just completed my first dulcimer build, a 4 string with the double melody, and now want to learn how to play it! I have played acoustic guitar for about 3 decades, and a couple years ago picked up the mandolin. Anyway, I have been reading about basically the two tunings of DAA and DAd. Wondering which you recommend for someone just starting out. Do you use the same strings for tuning one way or the other, or do you need different strings for the two different tunings? Any recommended first songs to start learning? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the upgrade tips, NoterMan! I’ll see if I have any ebony scrap left around from my guitar builds! And thanks for the article — I’m reading it and it’s a great intro!
  11. Well I called it quits after a soft luster of 6 coats. I used brads at the tail block and strung it up. Cut one string too short in the process and had to get another. The important thing: it has a nice tone and the intonation is fine! I will be adjusting the action in the coming days. Thanks everyone for all the tips and suggestions along the way, and for the future! Time to move on to the “learning to play” discussions! Here are the final pics...
  12. Thanks again, NoterMan! I will keep the straight clamping in mind for the next one! finish question: how many tung oil coats do you like to apply to the body? Here’s the top and back with two coats of TruOil so far...
  13. ...And once I attached the fingerboard, I discovered I still needed a little more scooping out of the peg head to account for the string angle.
  14. Thanks, NoterMan, for the finish suggestions and recommendation for the fingerboard. I like your idea of at least one or two coats as well, just for some kind of protection for the wood. Here’s today’s progress: gluing the fingerboard to the body.
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