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  1. Can anyone explain the fingering on the 565 chord? Is it M-T-R? Thanks.
  2. How many of our members play six-string dulcimers? Any thoughts?
  3. This seems to be proven every day here.
  4. This has a beautiful tone. I am very pleased. And it has been loved.
  5. Does anyone know of dulcimer tablature for the Irish song Kellswater (or Bonnie Kellswater)? Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have a plan for a stand on which to play the dulcimer they'd be willing to share, or dimensions of an existing one? Thanks.
  7. I have been offered a 6-string McSpadden dulcimer for $440, including case. I am a newbie but like to play decent instruments. Dealer is very reputable - personal experience. Is the price right? Thanks! Marvin Von Almen
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