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  1. I have a McSpadden with an ebony fretboard. Any recommendations on a treatment a couple of times a year when I change strings? Thanks!
  2. Remove the one that leaves three equidistant stings on the fretboard.
  3. As a follow-up, I tried three different felt picks that I purchased from our local music store. Gave them all away. Just didn’t do it for me. Thanks to those who responded.
  4. Has anyone in our group tried felt picks? Any thoughts?
  5. In appreciation of all the advice above, as well as several articles and a video by Mandy Tyner (banjolemonade), I have requested leaving the second melody string off my soon-to-be new McSpadden. I told Tim to just coil it up and throw it in the case; as we all know, it’s a bear trying to put a string back on, once removed. As always, thanks to you who have taken the time to help out this semi-newbie with your advice and experience. Marvin
  6. If given a choice between 3 and 4 strings when ordering a new dulcimer, which would you choose? I don’t use a noter, and have my sights set on flat picking and finger picking. I wonder what difference a second melody string would make.
  7. I would like the book links. Thank you for your response.
  8. Does anybody know where I can find the dulcimer tab for Drunken Hiccups? Also, is Jack of Diamonds the same song? Thanks!
  9. I am working my way through the Mel Bay “First Lessons” book by Joyce Ochs, with the guidance of a wonderful teacher. I am looking now for other books which will continue my education, and will be fun to learn. Can anyone in the group provide some ideas?
  10. Can anyone explain the fingering on the 565 chord? Is it M-T-R? Thanks.
  11. How many of our members play six-string dulcimers? Any thoughts?
  12. This has a beautiful tone. I am very pleased. And it has been loved.
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