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  1. I go with the pinky-ring-middle bar rather than Burt's ring-middle-index bar. My fretting hand stays more relaxed, even way up the neck -- with no need angle the dulcimer or stress my wrist. With a natural swivel of the hand, ex. G(3-3-3) moves to D(4-3-2). My index finger stays free to hammer-on to a Bm chord. In fact, the thumb and index finger are both free to raise heck above the "bar." There's Em, G, and A ... tunes up the neck without a capo. My reach is greater. For small handed me, 1-1-5 (m-r-t) is a comfortable reach and 5-0-1 (t-0-pinky, as opposed to pollex) eve
  2. Please keep posting TablEdit files. Also, tab is on this site for the song "Aragon Mill" by Si Kahn with no author acknowledgement, and possibly without his permission. Cheers, and keep playing dulcimer, Dennis Harris
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