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  1. Good morning everybody. This is Andy Cohen, Larkin Kelley Bryant's husband. Some of you may know Larkin from seeing her at a festival, from coming to the Memphis Dulcimer Festival, which she co-founded, or from her classic programmed instructional, Larkin's Dulcimer Book. Larkin will turn 77 tomorrow. She is ill with a brain cancer that can be palliated, but not cured. Larkin's Dulcimer Book, which first came out in 1984, is still available, as are the CD that goes with it, Riverlark Squeakless strings, and her very fine (and challenging!) CD, Lark In The Twilight. If any of y'all out there would be interested in any of these things, let us know. Riverlark may be the smallest Mom and Pop internet store in the whole USA, but we can still get to the post office. If you want to order something, you can let me know at: <andy.cohen@riverlark.com> as I'm sort of charge d'affaires these days. Shops and teachers can still get wholesale rates on things, and we will reorder as we need to if there's a big rush. Larkin's sister Mary, her prize student Lee Cagle, my friend Moses Crouch and I are all taking good care of her. People in general, my friends and hers, have been very kind. We don't have any material shortages, so don't worry about that. We're spending time cataloguing her instruments, organizing her music, and assembling the very active history of a very interesting life. Riverlark Music is still going, and so is Larkin.
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