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  1. @NoterMan thanks for the information. Here's the completed instrument, 630mm scale length, alongside my first dulcimer. I used classical guitar construction techniques to design and build it.
  2. Trying my hand in building a stick dulcimer this time round. Top spruce, bottom Sapele, maple sides, beech neck, 630mm scale length
  3. Here are a couple of sound clips, learning to play 🤨. Scale length is 520mm/20.5in. Dulcimer-notes.m4aDulcimer-LittleWhiteBoat.m4a Is there a tap tone to target like in guitars? Mine has two peaks, at 216Hz/A3 and 294Hz/D4#
  4. @NoterMan Ah, got it, thanks for the pointers. Yes, there is little space for the soundboard to flex with that fretboard running down the entire length. It's boxed up and installing the bindings now.
  5. @NoterMan I am from Singapore. As I'm learning as I build, plus this is my first steel string instrument, so I'm being conservative. Top & sides are 2.5mm & bottom's 3mm. Fretboard is not hollowed (you mean across, right?) as I've made it quite thin at 10mm. I'll try that in a bigger dulcimer together with a stand alone bridge. I've positioned the integrated bridge higher and closer to the center of the lower bout for this build for increased volume, and placed a couple of top braces from the bridge to the f-holes. @KWL Thanks. I have just boxed it up, and next will be installing the frets, linings and polishing.
  6. Hi there, this is my first post here, saying hello! I build classical guitars as a hobby, and is intrigued when I discovered the dulcimer on the web. It's a unique instrument, certainty not seen in my part of the world. I told myself to build one, and so am joining this community to learn as I build. The construction is my interpretation of material I got from the web. Hope to get pointers here. It's 520mm scale length (20.5 in), which is shorter than the norm, so I may encounter some unique challenges. Woods are Sapele top and sides, padauk/Khaya back and beech fingerboard and headstock. Here are some pictures of the ongoing build. Cheers! Will update as the build progresses. LLPP
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