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  1. Jean and Lee Schilling's capo let you choose which strings to capo by rotating a rubber disk either down to the string, or up to leave the string free. This design was inspired by the "extra hand" guitar capo. This is a capo that I use a lot, instead of retuning. I play a four-course instrument tuned CGBc. The B-string gives me the missing chromatic notes, and with the Shillings' capo I can capo the open B to c while still keeping all those chromatic B-string notes (this trick requires an extra fret to play the half-step between the nut and the traditional first fret). Here's a photo of the Schillings' capo: http://www.sternercapo.se/capomuseum/Special/Dulcimer/dulcimer.htm
  2. I have two 6-string dulcimers that I play as 4-course instruments: The first is basically a standard dulcimer for the top two single-string courses. The two low courses are 2-string courses, each adding a low octave: C3/C2 G3/G2 B3 C4 The second is a bass dulcimer, and the top two courses are 2-string courses, each adding a high octave: C2 G2 B2/B3 C4/C3
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