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  1. Hi Paul

    I am a recent newcomer to music and the mountain dulcimer ,but I just wanted to thank you for making your tunes available. It's refreshing to see new compositions and such challenge to bring them to life.

    Hope you are well in these crazy times


    Mick McLaughlin

  2. I've uploaded a link to my Dropbox account of the more than 200 songs that I've written over the years. You have permission to play, share, and enjoy them--but do not violate copyright laws. If you need help or have questions, just message me. Several songs are capo songs as well as hammered dulcimer tunes. Many have lyrics as well. There is an accompanying MP3 file for each song of sheet music. Most are easy to play--but some are very challenging. I accept no liabilities for those that have problems playing these songs. They are there for your personal enjoyment and knowledge. I hope you will enjoy many of them. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zan3a7utk72qo4w/AAABfB39L9isDrLGQ0esN1eLa?dl=0
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