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  1. Thank you both for taking the time to share valuable information with me. It's nice to know that laminate or solid, it's a quality instrument worth its keep. Thanks again. And I think I'm really going to enjoy playing my new- old "baby" dulcimer. I put the 4 strings equidistant on it so it's going to be a bit of a challenge for me. I like that!🙃
  2. Hello Everyone! I was at a folk festival this Saturday and came across a McSpadden Ginger in its original case for sale in the consignment tent. It's old--made in March 2004, by Larry McSpadden, and its code is GCC. There is one small ding on its edge, but that's it. No cracks, scratches or other damage. The strings were black and the whole thing was covered with dust. It was like a sad faced puppy at the pound. I couldn't resist it. I paid $75 for it and went on my way. Can anyone tell me anything about this model? I suspect it's laminated back/sides, but Tim(?) at McSpadden said he thought they only used walnut for the laminate back and sides. So...?? With new strings and a bit of a cleanup, it looks and plays pretty darn well. And did I pay too much? Thanks!
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