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About Me

I am located in Lancaster County, PA.  I am an old guy, and have played hammer dulcimer for almost 40 years.  I made my living as a music teacher on the Middle School, High School, and University levels.  I have been a member of 5 bands, including my current band, Rizzetta's Tones.  We have been together for almost 10 years, with two hammer dulcimers, and many other varied instruments.  

When I was free to attend dulcimer festivals, I attended as many as I could, and learned so much from some very special people.  I have helped many people purchase hammer dulcimers, and have taught and mentored so very many students.  My Middle School principal allowed me to keep two Dusty Stings D-25 instruments in my classroom, for 17 years.  Lots of HD music was made before, and after school.  

I am so glad that EverythingDulcimer has been resurrected, and hope to become a part of the fabric of the community, and to learn a lot from my hammer dulcimer wayfarers.

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