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  1. Precious Lord Take My Hand - D.pdf Precious Lord Take My Hand - D.mid
  2. The lyrics to this song were written by Robert Burns. The melody was taken from an older Scottish folk song, author unknown. Pay attention to all the dotted quarter notes followed by eighth notes. It is straight forward and easy to play with just three chords, D-G-A. Auld Lang Syne.pdf Auld Lang Syne.mid
  3. Lyrics 1. We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing; He chastens and hastens his will to make known; the wicked oppressing now cease from distressing. Sing praises to his name; he forgets not his own. 2. Beside us to guide us, our God with us joining, ordaining, maintaining his kingdom divine; so from the beginning the fight we were winning; thou, Lord, wast at our side; all glory be thine! 3. We all do extol thee, thou leader triumphant, and pray that thou still our defender wilt be. Let thy congregation escape tribulation; thy name be ever
  4. A new take on an old tune. Jingle Bells Waltz.pdf Jingle Bells Waltz.mid
  5. The First Noel.pdf The First Noel.mid
  6. How To Become A Better Dulcimer Player - 20 Embellishments and Other Tips Embellishments should be used sparingly. To many of them will spoil your song. The following thoughts are just that - my thoughts. If they work for you, great. The following suggested thoughts will be applicable to solo play and/or group play. They are not written in stone. 1. Hammer-ons and pull-offs. To be used sparingly throughout solo play. Yes, you can use them in group play; however, they will get lost by the sound of the other players. 2. Dynamics - These are very underused techniques th
  7. A traditional Irish jig. Emphasis on the first and fourth notes. The Road To Lisdoonvarna.pdf The Road To Lisdoonvarna.mid
  8. This is a hymn from the middle 1800's. The key to the song is the dotted quarter notes, followed by eighth notes. I Love To Tell The Story.pdf I Love To Tell The Story.mid
  9. This is an old Russian Folk Tune. If you do nbt have a 1½ fret on your dulcimer, you can play the F natural on the middle string, 5th fret. This requires a bend. The 4½ note, A# on the melody string requires a bend. Push the string in behind the fret. Bending strings is not that difficult. It does require some practice. Dark_Eyes.mid Dark Eyes.pdf
  10. I have been using Tabledit for a long time. Attached is how I setup my program. Hope it helps. Setup Master file.pdf
  11. Home On The Range - Melody.pdf Home On The Range - Melody.mid
  12. Tabledit file for finger positions and economy of motion. Finger Placement.pdf
  13. How To Become A Better Dulcimer Player - Part - 19 Finger Positions and Economy of Motion In my first article on “How to Become A Better Dulcimer Player - Part 1”, I briefly touched on the subject of finger positioning. A big impediment to smoother dulcimer playing is not using economy of motion and misplaced finger positioning. Are finger positions written in stone? Absolutely not; however, there are those combinations of finger positions that will result in economy of motion and smoother playing. As stated before, our instrument usually does not have much sustain or vo
  14. You can play the bass part on a standard dulcimer. Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Melody and Bass.pdf Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Melody and Bass.mid
  15. In order to be a counter-melody, the music not only has to harmonize with the melody, but must also be able to stand on its own as a melody. God Of Our Fathers 2 parts.pdf God Of Our Fathers, Whose Almighty Hand Melody and Counter Melody.mid
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