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  1. Sir, I am having some computer trouble transferring photos. But if you would not mind lookiing on another site (FOTMD.com), I have two dulcimers listed there that might meet your need. There are multiple photos of each one. One is the Bear Meadow dulcimer, and one is the Gila Mountain Dulcimer. Both are 4-string, and the Gila Mountain has an internal sound pickukp. They both were bought new, and have only just been strummed a few times, to demonstrate them in showing my collection. Details are listed with each one. If you would go there to look at them, and let me know what you think, I will try to resolve the issue i am having in transferring the photos. Thanks, Bill Howard
  2. I have some others that might be better suited to playing. This Presnell is more of a collector's item i think. Let me get some photos together this evening, and I will send them to you to see if any of them would interest you. Thanks for your inquiry.
  3. This instrument looks like it has never been played. It is in beautiful condition, as the photos will show. I bought it in partnership with another collector several years ago. Later, I bought his interest in it. It has been in my large collection since. We paid $1350 for it then. I am asking $1350 for it now. The price includes a good hard case, and the Insured UPS shipping is free. Now I need to sell all of my collection, at the suggestion of my wife. At my age of almost 89, she does not want to have to deal with selling it later on, as she has no real knowledge of them, and "wouldn't know what in the world to do with them". It will be shipped via Insured UPS from Tulsa, Oklahoma, well cushioned in its hard case. If you have questions about the dulcimer, please get in touch with me. I am retired, so i am usually available to respond in a reasonable time. Message me through this site.
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