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  1. I am considering a new instrument, and I'm looking for free advice I play mostly 'fiddle tunes' but I do have some more melodic pieces in the repertoire. I would like at least 16/15 or larger and I like the models with extra bass. I'm open to a used instrument thanks,
  2. You can contact Rick and he can give you a tuning chart or at least tell you what notes he intended those 'extra' courses to be. Likely the lower and upper couple courses are not the standard 'fourth / fifth' and you can set them to notes that you need (within the range). You may have to change the string gauge as I did on my 17/17. Single-string courses are not unknown; perhaps the structure can't take the tension of dual strings on the largest strings. You can send Rick a note from his web site https://www.rthum.com/ and tell him I said Hi. I have one of his 17/17 Professional
  3. We play at senior centers as "Allan Eve". I've posted our first attempt at amateur video of us on HD and MD playing three waltzes: Southwind / Si Bheag Si Mhor / Waltz Bheag The last, I wrote while I was learning Si Bheag Si Mohr Moderator: if posting links to FB is prohibited, my apologies; please remove https://www.facebook.com/allaneve.allaneve/
  4. Where are the strings breaking? If in the middle, I would blame poor quality strings or old / corroded strings, or wrong gauge as others have said if at the bridge or one of the nuts or at the tuning peg, check that location for burrs or roughness that is cutting the string.
  5. I just had Rick Thum replace about one third of the strings on my fifteen-y.o. 17/17 Professional. He said that he orders strings directly from a manufacturer. He is willing to sell sets to his customers. You might contact the manufacturer and see if they will sell you a set - warning: they ain't gonna be cheap I've also bought individual strings from Just Strings, but I don't know that they will have the brass in the gauges that you need
  6. About four years ago, a friend of ours asked us to play with her at one of the senior assisted living communities. We had been doing a little bit of playing at wineries so we decided to join her mostly as a favor to her. It was wonderful. The people were so appreciative and it was so gratifying When she couldn't make another gig, we decided to play just ourselves. Again, wonderful and we decided to see if we could get performances at more places. We play one or two days a week now (weekdays when I can take vacation and weekends). We do an "eclectic' mix of old tunes they kn
  7. first off, thanks for starting a new ED. how I started, is a looong story, that includes me seeing people play this odd, trapezoid. the sound made me want to do it. I built an instrument, then borrowed an instrument, and finally had Rick Thum build me one about 15 years ago. My wife plays MD and she and I play at the senior assisted living centers in the area. In addition to the dulcimers, we play guitar, banjo, ukekele, mandolin and we both sing
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