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  1. So, you got a Hammered Dulcimer and you need to learn how to play it. Some suggestions from what I experience when teaching students is 1 How you hold your Hammers is very important as is how you strike the strings with the hammers. 2 How you learn where your notes are and the patterns used when playng the scales. 3 Make sure if you do not have access to a good instructor you find one even if it means using Online instructions. 4 There are many great instructors out there so go to workshops and find the instructors that will help you succeed in your playing styles. Each instructor has their own techniques and tips on playing the instrument. Combining several of these techniques will give you a strong knowledge base and make you a great artist on your instrument. Again, Just my opinions that I thought may assist you as you begin your journey.
  2. After playing traditional instruments, such as Piano, Organ and Trumpet, for years I was gifted a Mountain Dulcimer by a friend at church. His only request was that someone in the family would earn to play it. That was around 25 years ago and 4 Mt Dulcimers later. (I still have the orgional hand made one). I got interested in the Hammered Dulcimer when I saw a You Tube Video of one being played. I started a search on the Internet and met a man named Dan. Dan gave me a lot of information about the instrument and answered questions like what size to start with, Different makers and price ranges. After a couple of corrispondences he said he had some information on his web page and I could (Should) check it out if I wanted to. That is when I found out I was talking with the only HD player I ever heard of, Dan Landrum who played background for Yanni. That sealed the deal for me and I bought my first one. Dan was correct in that I would eventually outgrow my 16/15 if I sayed with it long enough and I eventually bought a Song of the Wood Concert Grand Master which I now play. I still use the smaller one for playing out doors or for smaller venues where the larger one would not fit well. So, that is how I got started and I am still in the learning process and loving every minute of it.
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