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  1. Absolutely! I have been playing a resonator guitar, which is has 1-3-5 tuning, and can find most of the chord shapes I need by just hanging out over the fret for the root chord.
  2. So I attended the Albany, NY dulcimer gathering several weeks ago, had a great time, saw old friends and made new friends, and learned a lot! Unfortunately, the COVID-19 is not the only thing going around, as my Dulcimer Aquisition Syndrome (DAS) has flared up. Therefore, I am selling my resonator dulcimer to fund another instrument. This dulcimer was built by Bernd Krause around 6 years ago. It is constructed of primarily goncalo alves, and is in great shape, with no dents or scratches. It also comes with a hard case (a $150 dollar value). Asking $1000.00 OBO. Let me know if you need more pictures or information.
  3. Great looking (and sounding) dulcimer Carla! I have been considering both a chromatic and a baritone to increase versatility. I play in the praise team at my church, and the song leader is always wanting to perform at least one song in a key that does not work well on a dulcimer. I think this combination would give me a lot more options. It also gives me an excuse to buy another dulcimer!
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