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  1. First, thanks for the responses. Next question -- learning to play without an instructor actually beside me? sheet music? music to play? difficulty in learning songs? And if we're sheltered in place for who knows how long, is it feasible to buy a dulcimer (via the internet) without actually trying it?
  2. It had been a long while since I had seen or heard a hammered dulcimer. Last month a Celtic group was playing, so I came home and googled and read and listened. I do not have one. My question: is it any good to play it at home just for me or will this get old and boring without others and a "backup band"? I used to play piano and can still peck away. Tried a guitar but the hands and wrists and fingers didn't compute with holding and playing vs. horizontally on the piano. A piano can be a complete melody and song on its own. Concerned about getting a dulcimer and then it being a dust catcher due to lack of music and songs I recognize. I know everyone's boredom level is different -- just wondered how feasible this is.
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