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You Can Play Any Old Way

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A mountain dulcimer can be played in chord/melody style, melody only style, fingerpicked, flatpicked, bowed, with a noter, with a feather, with a corset style,  just with chords, and maybe some other styles that escape me right now.  Some tunes will be easier to play in one tuning than other tunings (i. e. a tune might be easier to play in DAA than DAD tunings or vice versa).  Some tunings require the melody to be played on the middle or bass strings where other tunings present the melody entirely on the melody string(s).  Attached is a pdf tablature file for "Angelina Baker" in DAD, DAA, CGC, and CGG tunings.  The melody is presented in the tablature and the chords are listed and a person who knows chords on a dulcimer might add chords to the melody at times.  The file is an example of how a song can be played in different tunings and styles.  This version of "Angelina Baker" is per the original Stephen Foster composition and it is a little different from the way some people play "Angeline The Baker" or "Angelina Baker". 



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