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Does anyone know about Jim Hamilton Dulcijos?

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I have been interested in getting a banjo dulcimer hybrid and was wondering if anyone knew about Jim Hamilton Dulcijos? I found one for sale, but know nothing about that builder. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or if you have any suggestions on other banjo dulcimer hybrids (banjammer, banjomer, etc)



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Hi Elizabeth,

   Welcome to the site.  I'm not familiar with that maker and I haven't seen one by them before.  Doing a little searching, the only thing I came up with is probably the same listing you're looking at.  There was also a reference to someone with that name starting a dulcimer club ~25-ish years ago but that was about all I could find.  It could be a one off / personal instrument that they built for themselves. 

   I remember seeing a class last year for building this style of instrument, I think it was at the Black Mountain festival.  So it could be something like that as well.

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I found pix of a couple of instruments by him, but he must not make/sell many since he has no website, no Facebook presence, and no presence on MeWe.  The instruments look good -- almost too good -- meaning it's strange that he has built such professional looking instruments but  no one seems to know him.  

There are several builders of banjimers/banjammers/dulcijos, notably Mike Clemmer from North Carolina, a well respected builder and player.  I've even built a couple myself.

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