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John Hardy


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I have a CD player that will allow me to load 6 CD's, so I load it with CD's while I'm working in the garage/work shop.  One of the CD's I had loaded was the Classic Folk Music CD from Smithsonian Folkways.  A song came on and as I listened to it I stopped working on whatever I was working.  I went to the CD player and examined the CD insert and found the song to be "John Hardy" by Mike Seeger.  I knew I had to learn the song.  I found many versions had been recorded in a major key but Mike and Pete Seeger recorded versions in a minor key.  I found I liked both versions and worked to learn both versions.  Attached are PDF files and MP3 files for the versions that I learned.  The DAC/CGC version has a CGC tuned dulcimer playing chords where the melody is played on the DAC dulcimer.  I hope some of you will add one or both versions to your songbook.


P. S. You can listen to Paul Clayton's version of John Hardy on YouTube at this link. 

John_Hardy_DAC_CGC_20200211.mp3 John_Hardy_DAD_20200211.mp3 John_Hardy_DAG_20200413.mp3 John_Hardy_DAC.pdf John_Hardy_DAG.pdf John_Hardy_DAD.pdf

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