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McSpadden walnut and spruce teardrop signed by Larry McSpadden

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McSpadden Teardrop Dulcimer, handmade by Larry Mcspadden of McSpadden Dulcimers, Mountain View, Arkansas.  Spruce top, walnut back and sides. Excellent condition, tuned and ready to play.  Serial # FT34WS, made in March 2005. Vibrating string length  28 1/2 inches.

This dulcimer is signed on the back by Larry McSpadden. Never seen one like it before! I’ll tell you the story if you like.

Beautiful tone, best-quality tuners, low action (strings set close to fretboard to make it easy to play), satin finish. The flat peghead makes it easy to attach an electronic tuner. It looks like the bottom is made of solid walnut, rather than laminate (plywood)  like earlier McSpaddens.

I've polished and re-strung it. It comes with McSpadden backpack-style case, a set of spare strings, three large thin triangular flatpicks, a fretboard chart, teaching handouts, and your choice of dulcimer instruction books.

$450  or best offer. Includes free shipping.

Larissa w case.jpg

Larissa signature.jpg

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I made a mistake
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"It looks like the bottom as well as the top is made of solid walnut, giving it a brighter ring than dulcimers with laminate (plywood) backs."

FYI -- the top is NOT Walnut; it appears to be Spruce.  And solid wood does not necessarily give a dulcimer a "brighter" ring;  in fact, the glue between layers of laminate seems to have that effect -- the glue is harder than the wood and reflects sound differently than solid wood.

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