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Fix loop-end string nail anchor that popped out?

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Hi, I am a dulcimer novice, but know my way around a guitar pretty well.  I was recently given a mountain dulcimer that I want to start learning to play.  I think it's Korean made circa 1970s.  Pretty basic model. A problem occurred while replacing the strings.  The loop-end goes around a nail, one of which was suddenly pulled loose and sent flying when I was trying to tune it up. After putting it back in the nail hole and trying again, the same thing happened.  The nail hole looks wider now and the nail is loose.  I am hoping to hear from someone who knows what to do to get this nail to stay anchored to hold both melody strings without doing any further damage. Thanks! 



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1.  Get a new "nail", that one's bent beyond straightening I suspect.    Get a brad that is longer.
2.  Get some quick-set epoxy mix some up and put some in the hole.
3.  Put the nail in the old hole and gently but firmly tap the nail in until its head is the same level as the others.  Wipe up excess glue.

The alternative is to drill a new pilot hole and add the new nail that way.


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