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A Dulcimer History Document from 1995

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In the 1990's I belonged to a dulcimer group in Denver, Colorado.  The group volunteered to play at the Swallow Hill Music Festival.  As an effort to encourage more people to join the club, we rehearsed parts in between songs where one or two of us would say something informative about each of our dulcimers or dulcimer history.  I volunteered to make a flier for people who might stop by.  Swallow Hill had a library and I was able to check out "A Catalogue of Pre-Revival Appalachian Dulcimers" by L. Allen Smith.  I reviewed all of the dulcimer/zither information in the book and I also reviewed all of the history from all of the other books and references available at the time (I didn't have Internet access if it existed at the time).  From there I made a summary of what I believed was the development of the dulcimer in the USA.  Attached is the flier and at the bottom it welcomes people to join the Rocky Mountain Dulcimer Club, which no longer exists.  Also, attached is a picture from Syntagma Musicum where Michael Praetorius describes a German zither as a Scheitholt, which might be spelled Scheidtholtt in the picture. 





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