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soprano/piccolo dulcimer

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I occasionally make musical instruments and I'm looking to make a small Appalachian dulcimer to fit a small child. 

So far I've only managed to find full size plans. Obviously I can scale down a plan for a full size dulcimer, but does anyone know where I can find a full size plan for a soprano/piccolo dulcimer? It would save me some tedious work at the drawing board!



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Unfortunately all the plans I've seen are full size.  I think this may be a case where you'll have to scale an existing plan down or design your own. 

One thing that may be helpful to think about if you scale one down yourself - you probably want to keep the fretboard width (and string spacing) at or near regular width so it doesn't impact the playability.

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We mostly DON'T make "piccolo" or "soprano" dulcimers except by scaling down.  Haven't seen real plans for one in 40 years, although a couple of makers specialize in short VSL instruments (Mc Spad Ginger, the Dave Beedy miniatures, etc.  For kids we don't normally take the tunings up into the soprano or "piccolo" range, but rather use strings that work with short VSLs to get normal C or D tunings.    Basically, make a  regular width, short VSL (say 18-20") fretboard with an inch or two aft of the nut, and design an elliptical or teardrop body around it.

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