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Finger Positions

Carolina Rockman

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  • 4 months later...

I go with the pinky-ring-middle bar rather than Burt's ring-middle-index bar.

My fretting hand stays more relaxed, even way up the neck -- with no need angle the dulcimer or stress my wrist.

With a natural swivel of the hand, ex. G(3-3-3) moves to D(4-3-2).

My index finger stays free to hammer-on to a Bm chord. In fact, the thumb and index finger are both free to raise heck above the "bar." There's Em, G, and A ... tunes up the neck without a capo.

My reach is greater.  For small handed me, 1-1-5 (m-r-t) is a comfortable reach and 5-0-1 (t-0-pinky, as opposed to pollex) even easier.

My pinky, with practice, became a more functional digit.  Just watch me lift a teacup now!


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