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A Dorian Interval

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In my waking moments a snippet of a tune was stuck in my head.  I was thinking I had heard it before.  Play all of the following frets (without playing the middle or drone strings) and see if you know the song where this interval was used.

4 5 6 7 8 10 9  (all notes are the same except 9 is twice as long)

I was thinking I would like to make a tune including this interval, but as the day progressed I found where I had heard this before and it is a copyright song.

I'll provide the tune after I've let everyone here try to determine the song for a while.


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Thanks Ken

I never liked watching the Stones live on TV (Ed Sullivan, etc.), but we had one of their early albums and I liked some of the songs on that album.  I decided I didn't like them after they were associated with a concert that resulted in a lot of violence.  Other bands were present, but it seemed like the Stones got blamed the most for the things that went wrong at the concert.  Later, they recorded Wild Horses and I kinda' liked that song.  Today, they play too many of their songs (and usually the same ones) on the oldies radio stations and I switch the channel when Satisfaction comes on because I never cared for that song and it is played way too often (in my opinion).  There are lots of other good old songs from that period that don't seem to get played.

Thanks also for suggesting I develop a tune anyway.  I worked it a little bit and it took a while to forget the Rainbow, but attached is what came to me.  For now I'll call it Dorian Meditation, because I just found myself wandering around with three different sequences.  Two of the sequences land on nine (maybe land on nine should be the title), and one sequence lands on four.  I found I might like to play any sequence any number of times and in any order, but landing on four seemed to provide a final meditative thought. 

4 5 6 7 8 10 9    (land on nine #1)

7 8 6  6 7 5  5 6 4  (land on 4)

11  12  13   12  11  10  9 (land on 9 #2)



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