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As it's the Beginners' Area it seems an appropriated place to ask for those who have experienced any on-line tutorials or lessons for their opinions, recommendations, etc.  I'm using Brett Ridgeway at the moment and making good progress but I would like to see what else is around.  There is, I hear, a modern day syndrome amongst the young called FIMO (fear of missing out); perhaps I'm younger than I thought !!!!

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There's a lot available now due to the pandemic.

Stephen Seifert and Dulcimer Crossing both have online / on demand videos. 

Bing Futch gives full access to his vault of videos and books if you subscribe to his Patreon for $5 a month.  There's a lot of video lessons from festival workshops in there.

Then there are individual workshops that instructors do live.  To name a few:

And for a festival, the North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association festival is coming up in a couple weeks.  Registration was extended, but ends tomorrow for that one.  Hope that helps!


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