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HI. I bought a beginner's dulcimer for my boyfriend for Christmas. He read some reviews and chose the Roosebeck Emma, but soon discovered that they are sold out everywhere, so I purchased the Applecreek 200K instead. It looks pretty enough except for these glaringly shiny tuning pegs. Can these be replaced? (Neither of us are musicians so please forgive my ignorance!) Thank you, Kim

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Yes, Kim, tuning machines can be replaced.  But they will also dim a bit with time and use.  That's not something that 99.9% of us ever even think about.  What matters first and foremost is whether the frets are spaced correctly to give you a good scale of notes.

I've attached a copy of a really good intro to dulcimer for beginners by Ken Hulme.  It's called I Just Got A Dulcimer, Now What?  and will answer many beginner questions.  But don't be afraid to aske questions here.  The only dumb questions are the ones you don't ask and get answered.

I Just Got A.pdf

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