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I would like to tempt anyone who is thinking of a self-build project but considers the classic shapes to be too difficult to construct,  to have a go with the easier option of a rather simple box shape, and to this end offer a few photos of my Number 2 attempt. 

The sound box is all 5 mm ply from  the local DIY shed while the beach finger board was sourced from a wood yard  - I bought three as they were sawn from a much larger piece then passed through a planer to be exact in size, square and straight.   The ply had several coats of a water based cherry stain then finished with clear wax furniture polish.

The frets weren’t too difficult to install with a very ordinary hand saw with a 1mm kerf and, obviously, fret blanks of the same size & I haven’t lost any frets yet.  The eyed string ends are secured by cut-down nails in holes allowing the space between the strings to be adjusted as I need.  The metal bar across the strings was to earth them if I used an amp, which I don't intend to now.  And the volume and tone pots are too close together to allow for any form of ornamental knobs.

Sound quality is good,  it’s very restful;  it has a decent sustain, too.  I can well see the value of a rounded bottom end as on mine the hard corner is not too comfy against my hip.  But then, I have two more pieces of beach for future necks but in the meantime I have to learn to play it.  I've shown you mine now can I see yours?

 Build-it-yourselfers unite !




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Nice build.  Good job.  Box dulcimers are often played on a table, so they don't dig into your hip!


Here's one I'm just finishing up.  Multi-part Maple scroll head, Ash top & back, Southern Yellow Pine sides, Walnut over Maple fretboard.  Finish in the photo is just the first coat of sanding sealer.

Sanding Sealer.JPG

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