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2021 Berea Traditional Dulcimore Gathering

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Berea Traditional Dulcimore Gathering 2021
When: June 3 – June 6
Where: Berea College, Berea, KY
Cost: $20 Pre-Registration fee
applied to your total lodging bill, otherwise Free

Because of the events of the past year we must insist on a few conditions this year:

We, and Berea College, need to know IN ADVANCE how many people will be attending. Do not just show up and expect to attend. Even if you live in Berea you MUST Pre-Register to attend any of our activities. The Registration goes towards your On-Campus lodging bill. Not staying on Campus? Your Registration goes into our Coffee & Snacks kitty. REGISTRATION DEADLINE MAY 15th. 

The easiest way to Register is to send $20 via Paypal to me, and include your name and contact info -- email and phone.


If you must send a check, make it payable to Ken Hulme  and include your phone and email and send it to

Ken Hulme
2448 Ivy Ave
Fort Myers, FL 33907

In order to insure that people feel safe during this event, masks are required at all activities. No one without a mask will be allowed to participate in the activities of the Gathering.

We do not yet know which dormitory we will be using.

COMPLETE SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES To Be Announced. When we have it sorted out, we'll tell you.

AS ALWAYS – THE EMPHASIS IS ON THE TRADITON. The tuning used by participants is DAA or similar 1 – 5 -5 tuning.. Some tunes may be played in the Aeolian or Dorian modes We are all about traditional dulcimores and dulcimore playing in noter/drone or fingerdancing styles. Contemporary dulcimers are allowed as long as you play them in a traditional manner. This is a great opportunity to learn about the Traditional Appalachian Dulcimore through presentations, instruction, jam sessions, etc. We hope to see you in Berea.

The 10 Jam Tunes to know are posted with words and tab on The Traditional Appalachian Dulcimore website:  https:thetraditionalappalachiandulcimore.com

Questions?? Post them on the website,  in the Berea Traditional Dulcimore Gathering thread. One of the Gathering organizers will respond to your question.

Please check this website for updates: thetraditionalappalachiandulcimore.com in the 2021 Gathering thread.

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The schedule for the 2021 Berea Traditional Dulcimore Gathering has now been added to TheTraditionalAppalachianDulcimer.com In the Gathering Thread.

Registration Deadline 15 May 2021

Registration 8-5 on the Porch. Impromptu porch jamming and discussions.
6:30 General Gathering Welcome and Introductions. Also Grand Dulcimer Display
7:30 until... Mini-Concert/Open Mic – Open to anyone who wants to perform.

9-10:30 Traditional Playing Foundations
10:30-12 Open Jam
1:30-3:00 Making and Installing Staple Frets
3:00-4:30 - Sawn Frame Dulcimers
6:30 - 9:00 Dulcimer Videos, Traditional Appalachian Dulcimore Giveaway

9-10:30 Dulcimore History
10:30-12 Jam 2
1:30-3:00 Traditional Tunings and Tunes
3:00-4:30 To Be Announced
6:30-8:00 To Be Announced

9-10:30 Hymn sharing/singing and a very short meditation

10:30- Final Gathering, Giant Jam, general discussion
1:00-3:00 Last Gasp


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Just a heads up for those attending. Berea College is requiring that all participants be either fully vaccinated for Covid19 or have a negative Covid test 72 hours before checkin.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

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