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Six-string dulcimers

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I have a six string dulcimer called a church dulcimer.  It has two strings close together for the melody and the rest are equidistant drones.  The extra strings can provide a lot of diversity, but I usually play it alone since the extra strings might clash with other instruments.  I also have a scheitholt with 9 strings and like the six-string dulcimer, I usually play it when I'm alone.





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Yes, it is a Hughes Church dulcimer.  It has a good sound.  I was young and dumb around 1980 and obtained it as a kit with the intention of making a dulcimer that could play chords in multiple keys.  The strings were arranged in 3 courses.  Later, I decided I liked it with the strings according to Virgil's original design.  One of my to do projects is to redo the fretboard by converting it back to something closer to the original diatonic design.


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I have two 6-string dulcimers that I play as 4-course instruments:

The first is basically a standard dulcimer for the top two single-string courses. The two low courses are 2-string courses, each adding a low octave:





The second is a bass dulcimer, and the top two courses are 2-string courses, each adding a high octave:






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Christian -- that's great -- we don't often see a 6 string dulcimer set up as a bass instrument.  Who made it?  The inlay is certainly striking at the head.  Do you have full length pictures.

I'll bet your standard 6 string has some serious bass/baritone depth of it's own with the doubled Middle and Bass Drone courses.

FWIW, we don't normally refer to dulcimer strings as having "upper" or "lower" courses -- the dulcimer isn't held vertically like a guitar, so there is no up or down.  The usual terminology is Melody/Middle Drone/Bass Drone.

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