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Books for continuing education

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I am working my way through the Mel Bay “First Lessons” book by Joyce Ochs, with the guidance of a wonderful teacher. I am looking now for other books which will continue my education, and will be fun to learn. Can anyone in the group provide some ideas?

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Are you just looking for more tab to play?  Or interested in the history as well?  There are are several good resources for history.
What kind of music are you interested in playing?   Blue Grass, American Folk, World Folk, Celtic Fiddle  Tunes?  Anglo-Scottish Ballads?  Hymns and other religious music?  Americana?   

There are thousands or resources, depending on what it is you're looking for.

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I second what NoterMan suggested.  Do you have a particular genre of music you're interested in learning now?  The next step might be to identify some songs you like and look at skills associated with playing them, like flatpicking or fingerpicking, to go beyond a basic strum.

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