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Seeking to contact Mountain Dulcimer players in Australia

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G'Day all.  I am well into my retirement years alone now, in an independent living village. Playing anglo concertina and Hohner melodeon. I am exploring the concept of playing a quieter instrument in preparation for transitioning into closer communal living.  I have not been able to discover any gatherings of Mountain Dulcimer players down under.  Hoping there are some around who would share their interest with me. A friend crafted me a large Tennessee Music Box modified but basic style as TMBs were. I have picked up a rather tired 4 string DADD hourglass. Even tempted now to order in a Cardboard Dulcimer from a respectable maker who houses them in his backyard USA 😆. So that thumbnail sketch tells you I am travelling in circles and in need of guidance. May everyone stay safe and healthy in these most troubling times. 

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Anne Bowman is one of the premiere dulcimer players in Oz.   Richard Troughear is perhaps the most scientifically oriented dulcimer builders in the world.  There are three or four other dulcimer players I've heard of Downunder.  But as you know, Oz is huge -- the size and same basic shape as the US -- and I've not heard of any Gatherings of dulcimer folk.    I know Anne from Facebook dulcimer groups.  She lives in Leura, NSW.  If anyone knows what's going on there, she will.  Tell he I said G'day!

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