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Charlie, are you looking for something to be built in to the instrument? If so, this one from Folkcraft works very well. https://www.folkcraft.com/collections/building-supplies-plans/pickups You need the one that fits your fret board width.

There are several stick on pickups to chose from but all of them amplify ambient noise such as fingers touching the instrument, the pick hitting the fret board, and even the dulcimer sliding on your lap.

A great alternative to a pickup is a microphone for recording. You can get an adequate microphone for less expense than some pickups. Whatever method you choose you will need some accessories depending upon how you plan to record.

I have two dulcimers with built in pickups. When I record with them, I run them through a computer interface into my computer and use Garageband as my recording program. I do the same thing for recording with a condenser microphone for dulcimers that do not have a built in pickup. I use these methods when recording video as well. I think it gives the video better audio than just using the computer speaker.

"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

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Thanks for the advice Ken, I also use Garageband and an interface. My problem is that I record in my living room

and my mics pick up everything happening in and outside the house.

I'm trying to cut down as much background noise as possible.

I hear what your saying about Stick on pickups with condenser mics, but I think they deliver a slightly more natural sound than other types

but I guess it's a compromise!

I'll check out what's on offer from the Folkcraft site!

Thanks again, Charlie  

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I've been away for a few days and did not have internet access. In the past I have used the Dean Markley Artist pickup which is a piezo stick on model. It amplifies the sound of the dulcimer very well, but it also amplifies any pick noise or anything touching the body of the dulcimer. I never recorded with it, but used it for live performances. It is relatively inexpensive if you want to experiment with one.



"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

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