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I have the cutest little dulcimer, but wonder if anyone can tell me anything about it


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I make CBG, Canjos, and other folky instruments. I can also handle minor repairs. So when I was in the local thrift store I saw a great deal on a student violin for like $20 that I knew I could make right in less than an hour's time. Well right next to it for $8 was this funny looking dulcimer. So I had to take it too. (I was able to fix up the violin and move it for $150 so whatever happens next is just icing.)

I haven't made a dulcim
er yet, but I was considering reproducing this one, but figured if I went through the trouble or making a neck, why not learn to do a proper sound board as well? (Expect some ?? on that from me sooner or later) 🙂

Meanwhile what have I here:
The side view shows that the soundboard is a simple 1x4 with a nice shape. It is definitely not loud, but with a piezo and an amp it has some amazing sound, well, not sure how amazing it is when it is me strumming my way through "You are my Sunshine" 🙂


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