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Do You Need Tabledit?

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Do You Need Tabledit

Do you need the Tabledit program? The answer is: “It depends.” If you are just wanting to be able to read other people’s songs and arrangements, you do not need Tabledit. You can download a free program called “TEFVIEW” and it will permit you to download, view, and hear any particular file in the TEF format. You cannot change anything.

If it is your desire to document your original songs, make your own arrangements of other songs, create conductor’s scores, etc., Tabledit is a good way to go. What the program will not do is to magically create a score for you. My personal opinion is that at the very least, you should be able to read music and have a good grasp on musical timing when beginning Tabledit..

I have, in the past, used other music notation software, including Finale. I have found that the Tabledit program the easiest to work with. Cost wise, you cannot beat the price. The program takes a lot of effort and time on your behalf to become proficient with it. Realistically it will take many months to become comfortable with it.

The program was originally written for the guitar. Other stringed instruments were gradually add and then other than stringed instruments were also added. The dulcimer module is actually not that old. Using it will permit you to work in multiple tunings, i.e DAD, DAA, ADA, GDG, CGC, etc. As a matter of fact, you can work in about any key or tuning.  You can also work with three or four strings. There is also a Chromatic Module.

If you do have the Tabledit program, I would definitely download the user manual. It is quite lengthy with lots of good information. It is in no way complete and I personally feel that it could be more user friendly. With that said, it is a big help.

The originator and owner of the software lives in France. He as well as his U.S. representative have been very helpful to me over the years. If at all possible, I would suggest that you take a course or two about Tabledit via one of the dulcimer festivals or on-line offerings. Hands-on is always the best way. 

Steve Seifert, Tull Glazener, and Terry Lewis have taught Tabledit in the past. You might do a Google search for “Tabledit Instruction”.

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