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Lap Harps for Developmentally Disabled

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Good Morning!

I am a Registered Nurse and a player/instructor of the mountain and hammered dulcimer. I have recently begun teaching the mountain dulcimer to Developmentally Disabled Adults . I purchased 8 cardboard Dulcimers for this project, but after 8 weeks it appears only 3 out of the 8 are able play them. I am  looking for used lap harps for the rest of my class...not quite as complicated, in terms of using both hands while doing different things. I think those individuals may be able to play the lap harp . Please email if anyone knows where I might get used ones...I need 4.    
Thank you in advance!!!





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What KIND of lap harps are you for?  True harps, or Psalteries?  Pentatonic?  Diatonic?  Hollow body?  Plank Body? 

I build a variety of those instruments for pretty reasonable costs.  The photo labeled SingingTree1 is a plank or solid body pentatonic Psaltery.  Winged1 shows a hollow body pentatonic Psaltery.  The large display shows some plank psalteries and in the center two replica Lithuanian Kankles -- relatives of the Finnish Kantele.     I can also build these as 8 stringed diatonic instruments.  Send me a PM



Singing Tree3.jpg

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Hi Linda,

    Do you mean the ones that have music cards that show which strings to play like the image below?  If so, these show up on eBay frequently for $10-$20.  I've never owned one, but I've frequently seen them listed as dulcimers.  Searching for "lap harp" will find a bunch of them.


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