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Ebony Fretboard - how to treat?

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If your ebony fretboard is unfinished (not varnished) which is most likely, you can clean it naphtha and then use any commercial guitar fretboard oil on it. I would avoid using lemon oil as the dye in it will color the fretboard over time. Most all fretboard conditioners are mineral oil based. I have a bottle of Fender Fretboard conditioner that I've been using for a few years now. A bottle lasts me a long time as I don't have many instruments with ebony or rosewood fretboards. Under heavy use conditioning twice a year is sufficient.


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Yep -- any ordinary fingerboard/fretboard oil or uncolored mineral oil.  McSpad doesn't "finish" their ebony fingerboards, IIRC

Can't find Mineral Oil?  Baby Oil is the same thing with a bit of fragrance added.  So you can have a slick and nice smelling fretboard too.


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