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Custom McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer $200.00

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Custom McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer $200.00

This dulcimer was custom built by McSpadden. . The skeleton scroll head (walnut) was  added. Its original cost was $450. The hard case cost $65.

The fret board is 29¾ inches.
Overall length is 36¼ inches.
Depth is 1 ¾ inches.
Sound holes: Heart Shaped
The fret board shows some wear right above the strum hollow.

Top: Western Cedar
Sides : Walnut
Fret Board: Walnut
Back : Bookend matched Walnut
Scroll Head: Dark Walnut
Four tuners - strung in DAD. 
This dulcimer had a hairline crack on the soundboard (top). It was repaired by McSpadden and is not visible. It was located above, looking straight on, one of the heart sound holes. Photo #5 was taken to show the location. The repair did not affect the sound. 

What is included:
Hard Black Dulcimer Case
Adjustable lap strap by Lee Felt.

The dulcimer stand is NOT INCLUDED!

This dulcimer can be seen in Bradenton, FL Pickup is the least expensive option.

Shipping, which is beyond my control is as follows:
USPS Shipping Charge - $130.
Cardboard box, bubble wrap, and Styrofoam peanuts - $20.
Postal Insurance - $15.
If this seems high, UPS and FedEx charge almost double.
I originally paid $515. total for this dulcimer. It is in excellent  condition. It is worth a lot  more than $200.; however, I have reduced the price to offset the shipping charges.













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