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How do you determine the location of the pins or pins of mountain dulcimer?


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In the future, use ENGLISH PLEASE!  The language of this Forum is English.  I doubt anyone here reads more than one or two ideograms!  And trying to use a phrase translator is very cumbersome.

Your subject and the two English words of your post do not make sense together.

Location of Pins?  Do you mean the tuning knobs at the head end of the dulcimer?  Or do you mean the String Anchor Pins at the tail end of the instrument?

After finding an On-line Translator,  I see  that you are asking how to determine the location of the frets -- not "pins".    Two easy ways: 

1.  Find a table of fret spaces -- for Dulcimers only.   That table will only work for the specified distances between the Nut and the Bridge.  There are quite a few fret spacing tables available on line. 
2.  Find a Fret Spacing Calculator online.   There are several available.  Use ONLY calculators for Dulcimers, NOT fret spacing for guitar or other stringed instruments.

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Dwayne's Bear Meadow Fret Calculator is nice, and accurate,  but it is actually one of the most complicated fret spacing calculators available, in part because it includes both diatonic and chromatic frets, and a novice builder can easily get confused and use the wrong number(s).

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