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Acoustic/Electric Mountain Dulcimer?

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I am looking for an acoustic/electric mountain dulcimer.  Not a solid body.  I still want to play is acoustically but want it to have a genuine pick up included so I can plug it into an amp.

I am surprised that I am having a hard time finding a manufacture with a dulcimer like this in stock.

Any suggestions?  Thanks.


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The big makers -- Folkcraft and McSpadden, may do a custom build with included pickup; the same as any other builder.  But there just isn't a big enough market for built-in acoustic pickups to warrant having instruments like that in stock.  People who want custom pickups also tend to want other custom features as well, so it's easier to start from scratch.  Most players today play in circle groups or 'gangs' --  not as solo or group performers on stages.  I play (at least pre-Covid) a fair amount of Open Mics, and just use a simple stick-on piezo pickup.  No need for concert hall acoustics.  The other option I've considered is my own condenser mic that I can stand mount in front of me to pickup both the dulcimer and my vocals.

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Most makers that put in pickups are primarily acoustic pickups which sounds like what you're look for.  These are ones that pick up the vibrations of the body like would be on acoustic guitar.  Makers I know off the top of my head that will put in a pick up are:

Folkcraft, McSpadden, McCafferty, New Harmony, Appalachian Flutes & Dulcimers, Blue Lion

I'm sure there's more, but these are ones I know for sure will build in acoustic pickups in their dulcimers.

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I have a Blue Lion and a Folkcraft with built in pickups and they both work well and sound good when plugged in. I ordered the Blue Lion with pickup installed. The Folkcraft did not come with a pickup installed, but I ordered an under saddle pickup from Folkcraft and installed it myself. Actually it is a replacement saddle with the pickup already attached. It was easy to install.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

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