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Different types of hammered dulcimer

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Hi there, I'm looking for some help, I bought an old sorry for itself hammered dulcimer many year's ago hoping to restore it another learn to play it but life got in the way unfortunately, although now I have decided it's time to get it sorted, ok so I need some help in identifying what sort of dulcimer it is, it a 12/11 dulcimer that much I do know, it has 12 course of 3 strings o. The treble side and 11 courses of 2 strings on the bass Side, I have looked everywhere and can't see anything similar, also there is a label inside saying it was made in 1985 by Michael Mann of briar bridge music,  unfortunately I can't find any details on the maker or the music company , could anyone help, I can post photos if it helps see

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I've never heard of Michael Mann as a builder of HDs.  You know it's a 12/11.  That IS the kind of HD it is.  What more are you looking for?  Tuning chart?  String gauges?  Construction details?

What's wrong with the instrument that it needs to be "restored"?  Cracks, holes (other than the sound hole?) broken strings, broken tuning pins?  Cracked pin blocks?  Dirty, bad finish?   Some detailed photos will certainly help us help you.

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I am not familiar with this builder either. What about it are you looking to restore? I've built a few hammered dulcimers and may be able to offer some help. Posting some photos of the instrument would be good.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

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