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Old Dulcimer

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Hello I am new to the forum lookin for some info , I have aJeptha Amburgy hand built dulcimer it is very traditional built in 1968 .The luthier was a teacher at the Hindman Ky Settlement School,  in Knott co Kentucky It has traditional friction tuners and appears to be cheery wood ,do these old instruments in great shape have a value. It plays very well, is a 3 string. Thanks for any info above is all I could find out.

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That's Jethro Amburgy, not Jepta.   To those of us who favor the older, more traditional dulcimores from "the Masters", such instruments have "a certain value" depending on the maker anw ehre the insturment falls in his catalogue of creations.  The best place to ask about traditional dulcimers is to join The Traditional Appalachian Dulcimer site:  Home | TTAD- The Traditional Appalachian Dulcimore  


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While Amburgey dulcimers are in the line of the Kentucky tradition, his are new enough that they won't command a great price should you sell one. They are mostly of interested to dulcimore collectors. I won't venture a value as it really depends upon the market and interest of potential buyers. Old instruments are not of particular interest to people new the dulcimer who dislike wood pegs and diatonic fret boards.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

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