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I have owned an 12/11 songbird for years. I was not real good but loved it. I had a brain bleed awhile back and couldn’t play. Well I’m ready to give it a try but broke a string tuning it.  I am totally confused on what to buy. I have had it since 1996 I think. It is the bottom string. Any help will be appreciated. If I can’t do it I’ll sell it but I need to try. Keep in mind I’m in my 70’s and still get a little confused so keep it simple if you reply. 

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I don't have a Songbird tuning chart, but most HDs have a 0.020 or 0.022 as the bottom string. If the string is silver, you want a nickel wound string. If it is gold, you want a bronze wound string. Of course you want loop end strings. You could take the broken string to a music store and have it measured if the store has a micrometer. Or you could ask around and find someone with a micrometer and measure it yourself. But as 0.020 or 0.022 should do just fine.


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